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Your Beer Friend Subscription Box


Each month includes six hand-selected craft beers, our detailed tasting cards and a bonus gift. 

You also get exclusive access to our YBF Monthly Virtual Tasting so you can taste your beer along with the YBF Certified Cicerones®  and special guests each month.

Your Beer Friend Welcome Kit included your first month. 


100 Beers To Try Before You Die™


We've come up with the definitive list of 100 Beers To Try Before You Die. Each month, you'll receive a custom box of six beers that are classic, timeless and Cicerone® approved. You'll also receive a set of YBF Tasting Cards and a beer snack

Also, you'll get access to a recorded online tasting session with Certified Cicerone® and YBF Founder, Hal Mooney who will guide you through each of the six beers in your box.