Ready your senses for an assault of pineapple, mango, and gummy bears in this easy-drinking IPA (IPL).

Cold IPA? IPL? IPA with Lager Yeast? All names point to the same place: an absurdly crispy, high-hoppiness, low bitterness beer. Fort Point is always a good brewery to look to when new beer trends pop up (to a fault - they sometimes attempt to ressurect deeply esoteric styles like the “Nuremburg Rotbier” or actually non-existent styles like the “San Francisco Style IPA”). But, this beer hits the mark of the emerging Cold IPA style with it’s heavenly-light body and its crispity-clean “Ah that’s good” finish. For the record - I hate this style name. It should be called “India Pale Lager” or "Hoppy Kölsch" (which is technically what this beer is) but no one will buy it if it doesn’t say IPA on the front. *Rant Complete*

Brewery: Fort Point Beer Co. San Francisco, CA

Style: Cold Fermented India Pale Ale 6.2%

Flavor Profile: Tropical Fruit Aromas, Gummy Candy, Light Pepper

Palate: Med Bodied, Low Bitterness, Clean Finish

Event Pairing: Summertime sports (NBA Playoffs, MLB regular season, wiffle ball games)