10 out of 10 dads will agree: “I like a good pale ale”.

It ain’t easy making an easy-drinking beer. Offshoot experimented with a variety of Amarillo hops from different regions, found their favorite farm of Amarillo hops and, boom, this beer was born. From there, they still have to nail the hoppiness JUST RIGHT so that every dad who grabs this can will pronounce “you can taste the hops” without overwhelming any non-dad-drinkers with too much bitterness. This is the first Pale Ale that Offshoot has made. Everything else they have made have been IPAs (hazy and classic) and a couple of Double IPAs. A small testament to the idea that the overall palate of the craft beer industry is trending towards lighter, more drinkable beers.

Brewery: Offshoot Beer Company Placentia, CA

Style: Pale Ale 5.5%

Flavor Profile: Classic Pale Ale Notes: Grapefruit, Pine, General Citrus

Palate: Medium Bodied, Crisp Finish, Medium Bitterness

Grill Pairing: Smash burgers with homemade potato chips