Everyday Zombies Review

Everyday Zombies Review


Classic West Coast hoppiness good enough to raise the dead!

Paperback is making a name for themselves with well crafted IPAs like this one we’ve got here. The only thing I don’t like about it is a pet peeve of mine - why don’t all brewers mark the freshness date? It’s insanely important for IPAs, arguably more important than what hops or what artwork is on the can (although, the subtly subversive artwork on this can is pretty great). Rest assured, we did our homework and this can was packaged in early April, so we’re well within the usual 3 month deadline that we give IPAs making sure that you get all those double dry-hopped aromas they work so hard to capture.

Brewery: Paperback Brewing Co. Glendale, CA

Style: Double Dry-Hopped West Coast IPA 7.0%

Hops: Azacca, El Dorado, Mosaic

Palate: Clean, Bitter Finish, Classic

Music Pairing: Hoochie Coochie by Band of Skulls