Fantastic Voyage Review

Fantastic Voyage Review


 “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color” - Wednesday Addams

Perennial is famous for their imperial stouts (they make a beer called Abraxas that has gained cult-like enthusiasm), so we are very excited that this one was available for us to bring to your doorstep. Perennial’s deft hand has the ability to wrangle a lot of big flavors into one cohesive product. None of the flavor components outweighs the next - the booze complements the sweetness and isn’t overpowered by the coconut while the lactose brings ample body to balance out what would otherwise be an intensely dry beer. It’s really a symphony of darkness.

Brewery: Perennial Artisan Ales St. Louis, MO

Style: Imperial Milk Stout with Coconut *contains lactose 11.5%

Flavor Profile: Chocolate Macaroon, Baker’s Chocolate, Light Coconut Cream

Palate: Full+Bodied, Syrupy, Luscious, Velvet

Event Pairing: Bring to the Hollywood Bowl and sip on it as dessert.