How to Bring Craft Beer to a Party

How to Bring Craft Beer to a Party


These are tried and true rules for how to be the beer friend at a party.

1. Always bring something. The rule is to show up with no less than what you plan to drink. Bring beers you like or are excited to try. If someone asks “Can I drink this?” about a beer you brought that you were excited to drink, always reply with a smiling “Absolutely!” even if it kills you.

2. Keep it cold. Bring ice, bring a cooler, if the host is busy just stick what you brought in their fridge. Make sure if you move anything, you do it carefully because you don’t know if those Jell-o shots the host made have set yet.

3. Bring a biggie. Popping bottles is an activity. Bring out a big bottle and glasses for everyone. Make conversation about tasting notes and flex some of the beer muscle you’ve gained from being a YBF Member. If no one is interested, don’t worry, drink the whole thing yourself and text us about it.

4. Read the room. If it’s a BBQ cookout and you’ve been tasked with bringing beer for 25 people, don‘t bring eight bottles of Barrel-Aged Saison that you’ve been cellaring for five years. Grab a case of craft lager (805, Trumer Pils, Scrimshaw) and one bottle of that delicious Saison that hopefully someone cares about as much as you do.

5. Don’t assume. There are people that, despite what beer you bring, will still only drink what they drink, so just let them drink their 1,000th vodka soda in peace. You don’t need to convert them.

6. Leave it. No one drank that other $20 four-pack of fresh Hazy IPA you brought and you know it’s going to sit on a shelf in their garage waiting for their next Solar Eclipse Viewing Party. There’s nothing you can do about it. Thank the host and wave goodbye.