Infinite- Deliberations

Infinite- Deliberations


This deceptively simple beer took over a year to create its natural softness and mellow, rustic complexity.

This is no simple lager. It’s been co-pitched, it’s been kräusened, it’s been spunded, it uses LINC Malt. Wait. What?

Co-Pitched: Using two kinds of yeast. They used Lager & Belgian yeast.
Kräusened: Taking a bit of unfermented beer and adding it to fully fermented beer to introduce fresh yeast and some additional fermentables to carbonate and finish the beer.
Spunded: Carbonating the beer using CO2 naturally created by the yeast by using a spunding valve (vs. force carbonation).
LINC Malt: Local Inland Northwest Cooperative who makes sustainable, local, craft malt in the Pacific Northwest.

Brewery: Three Magnets Brewing Co. + Dwinell Country Ales Olympia, WA + Goldendale, WA 

Style: Dry-Hopped Lager with Wheat 6.2%

Flavor Profile: Bright Aroma, Softly Saison-y, Mellow Hoppiness

Palate: So Soft! Dry, Smooth, Low Bitterness

Grill Pairing: Apple chicken sausages and sweet potatoes cooked directly on the coals.