Just a Kiss

Just a Kiss


Sweet, tart, and refreshing with foeder complexity to make this is the warm-weather-winner to have on hand all Summer.

The Bruery makes two types of beer, both are delicious. Thefirst type is so delicious that I have to stop myself at four ounces because its greater than 10% ABV and rich like barelymelted dark chocolate. The second type is so delicious that I can’t stop drinking it, and that’s okay because it’s in thenormal range of ABV. That’s what this beer is. It’s a beer thathas ultimate drinkability due to the technical prowess of the brew team at Bruery and ethereal complexity due to the patience and skill of the same team.

Brewery: The Bruery Placentia, CA

Style: Foeder-Aged Saison with Orange Blossom Flowers and Honey 5.3%

Flavor Profile: Natural Citrus, Delicate Funk, Honey Sweet

Palate: Light Bodied, Crisp, Snappy Finish, Very Light Sourness

Native Plants: Local Oranges from Orange County and Orange Blossom Honey