Key Lime Pop!

Key Lime Pop!


Part of their “Pop Style Sour” series this beer is all fun, tartness and tang.

Grimm is one of the more famous gypsy-to-brick-and-mortar stories. Founded in 2013 by Joe and Lauren Grimm, they began the brand in their apartment, making beer for art gallery events and small gathering music performances. Steadily, they grew their brand, their presence, and their reach. Now, they’re one of the most accomplished and sought after brands in craft beer for their artwork, their hazy IPAs, their farmhouse beers and yes, their Pop-Style Sours.

Brewery: Grimm Brooklyn, NY

Style: Sour Ale with Key Lime Juice, Vanilla and Milk Sugar *contains lactose 5.6%

Flavor Profile: Uncompromisingly Key Lime Pie, Some Vanilla Sweetness

Palate: Med Bodied, Lime Acidity, Lingering Tartness

Event Pairing: Sunshine. Grab some SPF and a towel and find a place to get some Vitamin D.