My Old Friend

My Old Friend


A tasty addition to the Dark Lager-verse.

This happens all too often: “Hi, the black lager sounds great. I’ll have that.” Black lager pint gets put down in front of me. I taste the black lager. It tastes just like a stout. My face drops. Cindy looks at me and says: “Shut up and drink your beer.”

Oftentimes, brewers aren’t able to nail the crushability of a lager and the beer falls into the rich, full-bodied category of stout. Not in this beer. Almanac (named after Farmer’s Almanac) crafts this light-bodied dream for maximum drinkability toshowcase the depth of flavor from their malted barley andexhibit the strength in their motto “Farm to Barrel Brewing”.

Brewery: Almanac Beer CO. Alamaeda, CA

Style: Schwarzbier 5.0%

Flavor Profile: Cocoa, Pappy's Tobacco, Cola, Breakfast Toast

Palate: Light Bodied, Clean Finish

Food Pairing: Find some ribs and eat them with messy fingers