Oak Barrel-Aged Trappist Imperial Stout

Oak Barrel-Aged Trappist Imperial Stout


A gem of a stout from the only Trappist brewery in America.

What is a Trappist brewery? It’s a special designation given to 11 breweries in the world that are owned and operated by a monks. Trappists are sub-category of Cistercian Monks, who,in short, live by a code of manual labor and self-sufficiency.Cistercians make many things to support their monasteries such as cheese, bread, and ink jet cartridges (I’m not making this up). Pour it in a big goblet and let it sit out for a while, the complexity will unfold as it warms up.

Brewery: Spencer (The Monks of St. Joseph's Abbey) Spencer, MA

Style: Oak Barrel-Aged Trappist Imperial Stout 11.3%

Flavor Profile: Char, Complex, Vanilla, Oak, Bourbon, Warming Spices

Palate: Full Bodied, Elegant Depth, Dry Finish

Food Pairing: As the bottle indicates - Pair with Family & Friends