Sang Rouge Review

Sang Rouge Review


An absolute classic - such a treat that it’s now available in 12 oz cans!

This is about as close as it gets to sour beer royalty in America. Cascade makes this beer in the fashion of the Belgian Flanders Red Ale, with notes of caramel and cherry sweetness, but also in the fashion of American Sour Ale by doing it bigger, bolder, richer and more sour. The intensity is dialed up to 10 on this beer and it’s all done naturally, over time by blending together a variety of different barrels to create this exuberant and expressive beer. Relatively still fresh, this beer will age beautifully for up to 5 years.

Brewery: Cascade Brewing Portland, OR

Style: Sour Red Ale Aged in Oak Casks 7.8%

Flavor Profile: Dried Currants, Red Wine Acidity, Caramel, Oak

Palate: High Sourness, Bright, Long Finish

Food Pairing: Grilled Steak, treat it like a fancy red wine