Surfer Rossa

Surfer Rossa


Serve this gently salted farmhouse ale ice cold for maximum “ahhhh” or let it warm up slightly to get that salt to pop.

The Grisette beer style is a low-strength, refreshing farmhouse ale brewed with wheat and other adjunct grains. Its origins are in Southern Belgium around the late 1700’s where it was produced for local coal miners. The name means “Little Gray” and it COULD refer to either the gray faces of the coal miners who crushed this type of beer after a long day of work in the mines or the gray dresses of the bar maidens who would serve these beers. Grisettes are a subset of the “Saison” style of beer and fall into the very wide category of “Farmhouse Ales”.

Brewery: Oxbow Brewing Co. Newcastle, ME

Style: Grisette with Blood Orange, Sea Salt and Lime 4.5%

Flavor Profile: Bright, Pleasant Salt, Soft Citrus, Approachable 

Palate: Light+ Bodied, Mouth Watering, Mellow Tartness

Cheese Pairing: Creamy, sweet cheeses. Avoid anything salty. Go with Burrata.