The Things We All Do

The Things We All Do


This single-hopped IPA deftly uses Enigma hops to conjure enigmatic candy and fruit aromas.

IPA has come so far. In the 90’s it was a 6 month old bottle of beer that used regional hops to elicit pine and grapefruit notes and a distinct (and overwhelming for some) bitterness. In the 1790’s it was a 2 year old cask of beer that used local hops and tasted like pepper, grass, oak, booze and bitterness (also overwhelming for some). Today, we get super fresh 16 oz cans of beer that can taste like just about anything. This decidedly not bitter hop-forward ale from Brooklyn tastes like peach, fruit cocktail, and white grape juice all derived from a single hop varietal that was grown on the other side of the world in Australia.

Brewery: Threes Brewing Brooklyn, NY

Style: Modern India Pale Ale 6.4%

Flavor Profile: Wildly Aromatic, Mixed Fruit Smoothie, Grassy

Palate: Slight Haze, Low Bitterness, Impossibly Fluffy Head

Food Pairing: Hawaiian BBQ - Teriyaki Chicken, Mac Salad, and White Rice

NO. 082