Why Do a Virtual Beer Tasting?

Virtual Beer Tasting


What is a virtual beer tasting?

It’s the best kind of beer tasting because you get to do it from the comfort of your own home, no uber, no babysitter, just a selection of some of the world’s best beers and your very own Certified Cicerone® to guide you through a guided beer tasting. 

Each tasting lasts approximately an hour and can be anywhere from four to six beers included in the package you receive. Your guide will answer questions about flavor notes, food pairings, glassware selection, beer business models, and any classic beer myths that the attendees ever wanted to talk about. 

Who is it good for? Bachelor parties, corps etc

Virtual beer tastings are good for any group, any time. We’ve done tastings at 11am with coffee and beer. We’ve done tastings at 8pm with chocolate and beer. A lot of corporate groups do beer tastings for team meetings, sales meetings or group rewards. It’s a nice way to treat your employees, clients, or executives to something fun where they also get to learn something about beer. 

What are the benefits?

The best part of a virtual beer tasting is that we provide a platform for attendees to talk, engage with the host and engage with one another. Even the most novice beer drinker has a story to share about their favorite or least favorite beer. Everyone has questions like “Why does Guinness taste better in Dublin” or “Why don’t I like IPAs?”. Then eventually the conversation veers of where it just becomes an excellent change to network and enjoy each others company virtually. 

What things should you consider?

We prefer to plan virtual beer events two weeks in advance to allow for enough time to have a 100% success rate when it comes to attendees getting their packages in on time. We can ship in shorter timelines if we need to, but we always like to make sure we have plenty of time to get the beer cold before the event. 

We also prefer to have food during the virtual event. Beer tastes better with food, it’s just a fact. So, we can include food pairing elements in your virtual beer tasting packages or we can help you arrange for other food to be delivered or made during the event. We’ve paired with a pizza company for attendees to cook their own pizza and a Weber grill master to do an instructional grilling demo for steaks and salmon to pair with their beer. 

What kinds of beers?

We select beers from independent, craft breweries that are delicious, interesting, and that have a good story. We select some beers that have a limited distribution as well as a few that have national availability to ensure that attendees are trying something new. The beers that are shipped represent a wide range of styles but are all very approachable, like for instance, we often include a sour beer during the summer months, but we find sours that are tasty without being overwhelming. We often get the response, “I don’t normally like this beer style, but this example I love.” That’s our favorite thing to hear. 

Can it be hybrid? 

We can absolutely do a hybrid beer tasting event. In the case of an event where, let’s say, half the attendees are in one location and the other half area spread out across the US. Everyone would still receive the same package and the beer tasting guide would be broadcast to a large screen at the in-person event as well as on a web conference platform for all virtual attendees. We can also arrange to have the tasting guide come to your location for the in-person portion of the event and livestream the presentation to all virtual attendees.